Hiroshima - holidays

You will be collected from your hotel early this morning for a group full-day sightseeing tour of Tokyo. Sights include Meji Shinto Shrine, the Imperial Palace East Garden and Asakusa Kannon Temple. After a traditional Japanese 'Yakitori' (chicken or vegetable skewers) lunch, enjoy a cruise on the Sumida River. There is the opportunity to see the old and new buildings of Tokyo including the Asahi Beer Building, resembling a glass of beer. Afterwards you will be dropped off at your hotel. (L)

Today, among the hibakusha, or explosion-affected persons, there are an estimated 1000 Japanese-American atomic bomb survivors. They suffer from high rates of cancer and other ailments, but the . government has consistently refused them any financial or medical assistance. Many won’t admit to being victims for fear of losing their health insurance, since most companies won’t pay for illnesses related to radiation exposure. Moreover, hibakusha who do speak up receive little sympathy. Many Japanese viewed them as traitors; some Americans still blame them for Pearl Harbor.

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Hiroshima - HolidaysHiroshima - HolidaysHiroshima - HolidaysHiroshima - Holidays